Outside Scholarships Currently Accepting Applications

Disclaimer: As the GT Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid  becomes aware of outside agency scholarship opportunities, we will post them here. Although we screen these listings to eliminate any offers that do not appear to be legitimate, inclusion in this list does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation of any kind.  Students should contact potential donors, visit websites linked here, and apply to these scholarships at their own risk and discretion.

Scholarship Name
Required Majors
Application Deadline
THE FENCE AUTHORITY SCHOLARSHIPMajor in civil engineering, horticulture, architecture, or ecologyJune 30, 2019
Beacon ScholarshipNot Major SpecificJune 30, 2019
SHPE ScholarshipMajors in STEMJune 30, 2019
John Galt Supply Chain ScholarshipNot major specificJuly 1, 2019
The American Life Fund ScholarshipNot major specificJuly 1, 2019
The Higher Foundation ScholarshipMust be a Georgia Institute of Technology Upperclassman (~ 60 hours or more)July 7, 2019
BeMo & SortSmart Diversity Advocacy ScholarshipFull-time pre-medical (any undergraduate discipline) or medical student.October 31, 2019